Farming , Tourism and Yorkshire Heritage Ruth combines her wide experience and interests in health, geography, economic development in the form of tourism in rural and urban areas , conservation, marketing, community, art and farming heritage in her businesses to bring you Winnies Yorkshire Delights.

Why Winnies Yorkshire Delights? Ruth or Winifred Ruth English is named after her late nana, Winifred Ann English and our joint heritage inspired the name. The Song – she may even sing it for you. Click Here to listen to the Song.

The Food Products are all homemade, handmade by me from products bought from local suppliers in Yorkshire unless otherwise stated . These consist of chutneys, (in the finals for 2019 for best local product of Flavours of Herriot ) relishes, including award winning Beetroot relish (winner of best local product in the Flavours of Herriot 2017) and marmalades (in the finals best local product for 2022 flavours of Herriot ) , seasonally sourced and made in small batches. Ideal for yourself or all year round gifts from Yorkshire.


All the products are sold in recycled jam jars with plastic free labels so this can be continued as our parents and previous generations did. We have limited resources for everything and we need to look after them carefully.

Love of art… a new delight…Cards This year I have added a new dimension : my own hand drawn and hand painted cards. Inspired by my love of nature and art and the amazing planet of species we need to protect and a lovely way to keep in touch with people as well as framing them to make a more colourful world .

I sing a song when you buy my products but for those unable to visit I have put the link on my site . I have sung to people from all over the world from California and New York, to Australia and it tells you about my products and their health benefits. Music and food brings everyone together in a creative identity.

A mother once told me that her children sing it at the breakfast table! Positive energy!

The song came about by chance when I was trying to attract visitors to a stall at a folk festival I attended and it was in an obscure location so I had to be creative to draw people in.

If you want a copy of the words with a purchase of my products please email me on

Lots of people have joined in and as it’s a sea shanty you can sing, dance or play an instrument to when you buy my products. I have had it all and we all have a laugh.

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